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Asian arrested for molesting woman during Dubai music concert


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff reporter

An Asian man has been arrested for molesting a 53-years-old woman from New Zealand during a music concert in Dubai.

The incident dates back to last February, when the victim, stating that the defendant sexually assaulted her, as he took advantage of the huge crowd around them to please his despicable desire, a police report said.

The victim during the investigation said that while she was at a music concert in Dubai Media City she felt that a man approaching her from the back, and acting inappropriately.


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She tried to stay away from him, but he was constantly grinding against her body until she felt of a wet substance on the back of her pants.

As soon as she confronted the defendant, he immediately panicked and fled away.

The investigation officer testified that when the victim was filing the police report, he noticed the wet substance on her pants, and after referring back to a witness’s video record, the defendant was found standing behind the victim and committing his filthy act.

The defendant denied all accusations, and was arrested and will be prosecuted.


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