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Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie sends a powerful message for victims of domestic abuse

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Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie poses for the media during an event.

Niloufar Saleem, Gulf Today


Amid the ongoing pandemic the cases of domestic abuse have risen by leaps and bounds.


In such trying times, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie who has always been an advocate for people of domestic abuse, sent a powerful message to the victims.


She urged them to reach out to seek help and not keep quiet.


Speaking to a section of the media she also subtly spoke about the importance of  mental health and how such abuse could affect the minds of the victims to a large extent.


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The 45-year-old actress, who is a Special Envoy for the United Nations, does her best to bring light to the matter.


"Talk to someone. Try to find allies. Be connected for emergencies. For example, you can agree to a code word with a friend or family member, which tells them if you are facing an emergency. Begin to build a network and gain knowledge. It's sad to say, but you can't assume all friends and family will always want to believe and support you," she said.





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The actress also urged people not to "judge" anyone who is suffering abuse.


The actress went on to stress on the importance of helping those who "you may suspect might experience abuse during the festive season".


She said: "If it has even crossed your mind that someone you know might be vulnerable in this way, try to stay close and present in their lives.

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