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Getting ready for Ramadan


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Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

Who can believe it is nearly time for Ramadan to start? Me neither. Time seems to fly these days. This week we bring you some simple but extremely helpful tips on how to make the Holy Month go by smoothly and peacefully.

Cooking is a major task in households where people are fasting. What to cook is the question that gets asked the most. It can help to make a meal plan and be prepared. You can chop and freeze vegetables that you need at the beginning of each week to save time. Also, cooking and freezing soup is a big help. At Iftar time all you need to do is take the portion you need out of the freezer and warm it up.

Before all that glorious cooking, we advise you to get your house sorted. Having an organised clutter-free living space does wonders for the mind. A deep clean of the house is a good idea so that by the time Ramadan starts you will be ready in every way. You could also put up some fairy lights around the house. These are really pretty and give soft lighting which is very calming.

In other news this week, turn to our Health pages to read about long term Covid. This is something that needs to be spoken about as a lot of people are suffering from it. Research shows that one in five people who get Covid-19 can struggle with symptoms for five weeks or longer. Fatigue, muscle aches and joint pain are just a few of the problems people can face. Read on to find out more and let us know if you or anyone you know is suffering from long term Covid.

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