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PIDDDS: Alternative therapy that changes patients’ lives


Jose practises alignment exercises on a toddler.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

Personal Integrated Dynamics Diet and Determination Solutions (PIDDDS) is the life-changing logical approach which the Dutch practitioner Jose Garbe-Vilijn has founded and created to treat all age-group patients suffering from a wide range of symptoms with dynamic gentle, non-invasive and non-manipulative moves.

Mrs. Jose believes that misalignment of the body is the key source of a whole range of symptoms, therefore her Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapy is the accurate treatment method to cure many diseases and relieve the patients’ pain. All her focus lies on enhancing the physiological health of patients through body posture and movement, eating habits and mental wellbeing.

After suffering from a life-threatening brain bleed, she credited her miraculous recovery to her firm belief in alternative approaches which she had previously engaged in. Equipped with her knowledge and experience, she willed herself to get better and focused on treating the body as a whole. Mrs. Jose decided to dedicate her life to help others by establishing her own 3D approach to healthy living, the solution to the complete circle of health known as PIDDDS.

“By practising simple exercises, back pain and other crippling ailments can be treated. Once the spine is perfectly aligned, our nervous system can properly function the way it should,” Mrs. Jose said.

She elaborated that PIDDDS can help patients with physical pain and spinal issues, growth issues, eating and digestive issues, post-operation recovery, pregnancy and infertility, behavioural conditions, learning challenges and mood swings.

Countless patients have been successfully treated by Mrs. Jose since she established her clinic PIDDDS 3D Living in 2006. Through word of mouth, her innovative therapy method has benefited four generations of Arab patients in the past fourteen years within the UAE.

“I am very passionate about my job as it brings me joy to be able to help others and leave a positive impact on their lives. One should spend time doing something that they believe in, but must give themselves the body that will enable them to underpin their determination and energy, it all starts with alignment,” she added.

Mrs. Jose runs the very successful PIDDDS 3D Living clinic in Dubai, which was awarded the 2020 Outpatient Clinic Award winner of the Dubai Healthcare City Excellence Awards. Additionally Mrs. Jose frequently travels to many international locations, such as Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia Pacific to deliver her message, treatment and practitioner training.

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