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African cleaner jailed for stealing car accessories from Dubai auto spare parts shop


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


An African cleaner, aged 49, was apprehended and prosecuted on robbery charges, after he was caught stealing car accessories from an auto service shop in Dubai.


One of the employees at the shop noticed the missing brake pads and various car accessories worth Dhs5,205.


Surveillance cameras recorded the crime and the defendant was caught red-handed on tape.


When the employees confronted the defendant of his crime, they also found the stolen items hidden inside his apartment.


Police were informed about the robbery, and the defendant was arrested to receive legal punishment for his crime.


Recently, the generosity of an Asian driver living in Dubai city was repaid by an unexpected robbery attack by an African man who only asked for a free ride.


The 28-year-old African suspect decided to use a different robbery method and plan his attack on an innocent driver by asking for help in the middle of the night and claiming to have wanted to go to a nearby place.


The good-hearted citizen did not want to leave the suspect roaming the streets with no other cars available in that area, so he decided to let him in without having any suspicion.


The suspect sat in the passenger seat next to the driver, then launched his attack minutes after the Asian started driving. He suddenly strangled the driver and began to beat him to give up his belongings.


He managed to mug the victim to rob him of Dhs500 and his phone. He then told him to pull over in order to flee the scene.


After a robbery report was filed, police identified the suspect and arrested him at the same location of the crime scene.


When he was placed under arrest, the suspect denied committing the robbery and claimed to have found the phone on the side of the street.


Eventually, he was prosecuted and referred to criminal court on robbery charges by the Public Prosecution in Dubai.

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