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Gang of liquor dealers assaults man, steals his car in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter


Five members of an Asian gang were arrested and referred to criminal court for brutally assaulting and robbing a man in Dubai.

Official records indicate that the gang members, who dealt in alcohol, got furious when they received information that the victim was also selling alcohol in the defendants' business area.


In order to teach the victim a lesson defendants devised a plan.


One of the defendants, posing as a customer, called the victim and asked him to deliver liquor at place where he along with his accomplices waited for him.


Once the victim arrived at the given address, the defendants surrounded his vehicle.

The defendants and victim had heated argument over the issue during which defendants brutally beat up the victim.


After beating up the victim defendants fled with his car keys, wallet and phone.

The scared victim filed a police report against them and intensive investigations revealed their whereabouts and all the defendants were arrested.








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