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Asian awaits court verdict in GCC elderly man’s murder in Dubai


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Mohammad Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Public Prosecution referred an Asian man, 39, to the criminal court on charges of murdering a GCC elderly man, after suffocating him with a piece of cloth inside his house.

Details of the incident date back to last June, when the victim’s wife filed a police report stating she suspected the death of her husband at the hands of a domestic worker.

According to the wife’s testimony, after her return from shopping, the suspect informed her that her husband had fallen unconscious on the floor.

The wife added, she believed the worker, as her husband suffered from several diseases. Immediately, the wife called one of her sons, who came to the house and tried to wake up his father.

The victim had a change in the colour of his skin. The son called the ambulance. The police came to the spot and the suspect fled.

A police witness said that the investigation team suspected that there was a criminal link in the death of the victim, and by examining his body it was found that his neck was suffocated with two pieces of cloth.

The probe was focused on the worker who has been serving the victim for 7 months. On his arrest, the suspect confessed to the killing.

The worker said the victim used to delay his salary, and also cut it to Dhs600 instead of the agreed upon Dhs2,000.

The suspect also claimed the victim used to abuse him and beat him continuously.

The worker said that on the day of the incident, the victim hit him under the pretext that he was late in preparing tea. So he pushed the victim to the floor and choked him to death.

The prosecution requested the execution of the suspect and the court ordered his continued detention pending the case.

Last week, the Dubai Public Prosecution referred an Asian worker, 29, to the Dubai Criminal Court on charges of attempting to murder his colleague with a knife following a brawl that snowballed into a fight.

The case dates back to January when a brawl erupted between the defendant and the victim that developed into a dust-up.

A witness stated that he saw the defendant hiding under the staircase of a building before he saw the victim heading towards him. A brawl erupted that developed into a fight with hands and sticks.

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