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VIDEO: See how Sheikh Hamdan feeds camels in Dubai


Sheikh Hamdan gives food to camels.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Friendship is manifest in its highest form between Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and his camels Emaar and Faris, calling them to feed along with other camels.

Sheikh Hamdan shared a video with camels in Dubai on his Instagram on Monday.

The Dubai Crown Prince calls the camels for a feed, and surprisingly all of them respond, highlighting the bonding between the royal and animals.

Sheikh Hamdan captioned the video, “How can I let go of her when she’s so precious to me…”

In the video the Dubai Crown Prince is seen feeding a herd of camels. Among them are his favourites Emaar and Faris.


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The hungry animals are enjoying the feed and seemingly cuddling up to Hamdan.

As the food runs out, the camels lick the royal’s hands.

Hamdan has to shoo them away.

Hamdan-Camels-feed A combo image shows Sheikh Hamdan feeding the camels.

Later in the video, Hamdan spreads green leaves on the bonnet of his Mercedes G63 to let the camels enjoy their meals.

Netizens have praised Sheikh Hamdan for his unique knack for dealing with animals.

Sheikh Hamdan is an avid lover of nature and animals. He shares breathtaking photographs and videos of his whereabouts on Instagram.

The royal keeps sharing videos of his interaction with animals and birds.

A month ago, Sheikh Hamdan cordoned off his SUV in a parking lot after a bird laid eggs on it.

The Dubai Crown Prince captured every moment of the birdlings hatching, until they fly away.

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