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Man booked for burning girlfriend’s motorbike in Dubai


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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

An Arab manager, 24 years old, and his accomplice, were arrested and referred to the criminal court for burning his girlfriend’s motorbike and smashing her vehicle after a harsh break-up in Dubai.

During investigations, the victim testified that she was a professional biker and was sponsored by the defendant’s company. She stated that their relationship evolved by time, but she decided to keep her distance a while before the incident.


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The defendant automatically got angry for that decision and did not easily accept it. Accordingly, he sent two men, the accomplice and a defendant who is on the run, to take revenge to keep his dignity and burn down the girlfriend’s motorbike.

They poured benzene all over the bike, which costs Dhs75,000, and burned it  to the ground, then headed to her vehicle to smash all its glass parts, causing Dhs3,000 worth of damage.

The victim was informed about the incident by her brother, and as soon as she saw the damage, she immediately knew it was the defendant’s action to take revenge.

Surveillance cameras made it easy for police to identify one of the defendants, who revealed that the boyfriend manager was the one who sent them to commit the crime.

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