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VIDEO: Birds hatch on Sheikh Hamdan's SUV in Dubai


A combo image shows birds on Sheikh Hamdan's car in Dubai.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The move by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, to cordon off his Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV at the parking lot of his residence in Dubai paid off as two birds have hatched on the bonnet.

The mother bird built the nest some weeks back and laid eggs on it.

The Crown Prince of Dubai shared a video on his Instagram and said, “Sometimes the little things in life are more than enough.”

The mother bird was seen removing the eggshells and then flying away to bring some food for her babies.

The heartwarming video went viral as soon as the Crown Prince of Dubai shared it on Instagram.

Sheikh Hamdan added a captivating music to the video.

Weeks ago, Hamdan shared videos and photos of the bird building the nest. Ever since, the Royal has not been near his car and therefore told everyone to stay off the area.

Hamdan shot the video from a distance so as not to scare the bird away.

The Crown Prince then zoomed in to show the little bird on the bonnet of the SUV.

Social media users were delighted to see the birds hatch.

Inday Buscato said, “Wow! So cute there's a life there's a spirit💚”

Maria Elisina said, “Perfect nature.”

Valentina la Vista said, “Little things are life.”

The royals have been upholding family values and have been inculcating these principles in the youth.

Hamdan is an avid lover of nature and animals. He shares breathtaking photographs and videos of his whereabouts on Instagram.

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