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VIDEO: Sheikh Hamdan cordons off SUV after bird builds nest on it


A combo image shows a bird nesting on Sheikh Hamdan’s car.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, has taken his humbleness to a new level when he decided to cordon off his Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV at the parking lot of his residence in Dubai after a bird built a nest on it.

The Crown Prince of Dubai shared a video on his Instagram stories.

Earlier this week, Hamdan shared videos and photos of the bird building the nest. Ever since, the Royal has not been near his car and therefore told everyone to stay off the area.

Hamdan shot the video from a distance so as not to scare the bird away.

The Crown Prince then zoomed in to show the little bird perched on the bonnet of the SUV.

The UAE royals are known for their generosity and humane gestures.

The royals have been upholding family values and have been inculcating these principles in the youth.


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In June, the Dubai Crown Prince added another touching story to his long list of benevolent acts.

Sheikh Hamdan visited a medical facility and was briefed about its latest development.

While leaving the facility, the Dubai Crown Prince posed for a photograph with its staff.

But one staffer was left out. The lady was quite upset.

So Sheikh Hamdan decided to pay a surprise visit to the depressed medic and cheer her up.

A video that went viral said, “These are the Sheikhs of UAE... Sheikh Hamadan Bin Mohammed comforting a doctor who was upset as he was not able to take a picture with her…”

Hamdan is an avid lover of nature and animals. He shares breathtaking photographs and videos of his whereabouts on Instagram.

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