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Shots fired in Dubai during arrest of African man in Naif

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Sohaila Ahmed, Staff Reporter

A 30-years-old African was arrested and referred to Dubai criminal court after assaulting two police officers and resisting arrest in Naif Area.

The officer, and the victim, testified that operations received a call reporting about a suspicious person roaming around a bank in Naif. Accordingly, the officer went along with other police personnel to the scene, and when they asked the suspect to stop, he fled away.


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The officers pursued him and managed to catch him, but the suspect was resisting arrest.

Surprisingly, the suspect attempted to grab the officer’s gun, but luckily his attempt failed and the officer had to fire a warning shot to keep the suspect in control.

Police Back-up arrived to successfully arrest the suspect after a long resistance.

The officers’ injuries were minors due to the arrest, and the suspect was finally transferred to the police station to be legally punished for his actions.

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