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Sharjah Municipality seizes expired cosmetics

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Sharjah Municipality’s inspection teams seized a vehicle loaded with expired materials prepared for distribution to consumers. A man has been taken into custody.

The seized materials varied from cosmetics, body care products, pest control substances and similar products.

Khalid Bin Falah Al Suwaidi, Assistant Director-General of the customer service sector at Sharjah Municipality, said that the municipality intensifies its inspection campaigns, especially in light of the current circumstances to control whoever seeks to harm the health of community members through the sale of expired materials or any other practices.


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The municipality will not tolerate these people and takes stringent action against them in cooperation with the competent authorities in the emirate.

Khalifa Boughanim Al Suwaidi, head of the Municipal Inspection Department in the Municipality clarified that the inspection teams during their daily campaigns were able to monitor a vehicle loaded with many cosmetics and some body care products. They raided the vehicle and found that the products had expired years ago.

The municipality has taken the necessary action against the owner of the vehicle, including confiscation and destruction of the seized goods, and imposing fines against the violator. The vehicle was also impounded.

He explained that the inspection teams make every effort around the clock to monitor such illicit acts. The teams make sure that such materials do not reach any customer in the UAE.

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