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Ramadan spirit gets a boost with food challenge

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Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

With social distancing measures put in place to address the COVID-19 global outbreak, the Ramadan spirit is expected to be different this year.

A leading destination for short-form mobile video acknowledges that while UAE residents are physically distanced, they can still be socially together and continue to have a sense of solidarity and appreciation during this sacred month. To help foster this feeling, it is encouraging people to virtually come together by celebrating the spirit of Ramadan through food, Ramadan TV shows and giving back to those in need.

Besides focusing on  humility, generosity and thankfulness, Ramadan is also about  enjoying traditional homemade foods with the added comfort of family.

Ramadan recipes

Drawing on these local habits, the social networking site is encouraging users to come together and share their Ramadan recipes on the platform under the #cookfromhome hashtag, which is set to launch on May 10.

These meals will not only help lift the spirit of the UAE community during the holy month but also support the unprivileged and those affected by the precautionary measures taken to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The video-sharing service TikTok will be donating $10 to the Emirates Red Crescent for every Iftar or Suhoor meal shared on the platform under the #cookfromhome hashtag, up to $40,000.

This money will be directed to provide Ramadan meals to those in need.

UAE based chef celebrities Hisham Baeshen (@misho_baeshen), Amal Al Turk (@turkishwithamal), Amr Helmy (@amrhelmyfoodcritic), Assia Otham (@assiaothman) and Sudqi Naddaf (@sudqinaddaf) are also coming on board to promote the cause by sharing their Ramadan recipes and challenging their followers to cook it at home and share videos of their iftar/suhoor to support the donation campaign.

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