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Abu Dhabi City Municipality reveals road projects


A general view of Abu Dhabi city.

Mohammed Ala’a, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality revealed the implementation of projects for internal roads, infrastructure and lighting in the Al Shamkha area, at a cost of Dhs295,528,354.

According to the Municipality, the projects include the construction of internal roads in “Basin 974/2-3” area at a cost of Dhs144,528,354. Also there is an infrastructure project for the basins SH30, SH31, SH32, SH34, SH33 at a cost of Dhs237 million, besides a lighting project at a cost of Dhs14 million.

The municipality drew attention to the fact that the road project in the 974/23 Basin area includes the construction of a single-track road at a length of 47 kilometres, a double-track road at a length of 12 kilometres, the extension of rain drainage networks at a length of 4 kilometres, water networks at a length of 59 kilometres, irrigation networks at a length of 15 kilometres and electric networks at a length of 183 kilometres.

The municipality indicated that within the scope of the project, renewal works will be done to modernise sanitation services, develop the electrical network, and provide safe and sustainable roads for the covered area, in line with the development plans in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

It pointed to the internal roads and basins infrastructure project SH30, SH31, SH32, SH34, SH33 are implemented in cooperation with Abu Dhabi General Services Company “Musanada” on an area of 2.2 million square metres, and include the construction of internal roads, infrastructure, services, community and recreational facilities, and all infrastructure work Such as electricity, water, sewage lines, street lighting, rain water drainage and communications.

“The lighting project in the area costs Dhs14 million and contributes to raising the level of traffic safety in the internal streets of the region, reducing accidents and giving the greatest degree of safety to road users while driving at night, the municipality added.

The Municipality noted that it takes into account the application of best practices to conserve natural resources and protect the environment, as the projects will be equipped with LED lighting devices, which contributes to reducing energy consumption by about 80%.

It clarified that these projects are part of a series of projects to develop and rehabilitate infrastructure components in Abu Dhabi and upgrade their facilities in line with the overall development. They achieve the aspirations of society and strategic partners, according to the highest international standards, and aim to revitalize the region and complete infrastructure works including internal roads and all related services, and infrastructure.

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