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VIDEO: Huge crowds flock to Dubai International Motor Show


Car enthusiasts take photographs of supercars at the show.

Huge crowds of residents and visitors flock to the 2019 Dubai international motor Show taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) through Saturday, 16th November, to witness multimillion-dollar supercars, concept vehicles, striking new SUVs, the latest sedans and innovations in the automotive industry.

Prodrift taxis continue to take motorheads for rides at smoke-raging speeds, while the world's best stunt performers at Red Bull’s bike stunts and drifting, Mike Jensen, Shadi Dhaheri and Abdo Feghali are pushing the limits of what’s possible on two and four wheels to audiences till the close of the show.

Motor-4 Dodge Chargers arrive for the Dubai Motor Show lineup.

This year’s edition of the Dubai International motor Show, taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) through Saturday, 16th November, bears witness to car manufacturers’ innovation, demonstrating a transition from the growing role of electrification to a more futuristic vision on mobility solutions. Inkas, the UAE-based armoured vehicle company, closed day three with an impressive deal of $15 million, with other participating brands reporting buyer’s interest across the show floor.

Motor-3 Supercars are on display at the motor show.

Commenting on their remarkable sale at the show, Ulugbekhon Maksumov, CEO of Inkas Vehicles LLC, said: "We are overwhelmed with the interest that has been expressed in our wide range of armoured commercial and tactical vehicles at our Dubai International motor Show stand. We’ve already had genuine interest from customers across the MENA and CIS regions and we are delighted to announce that on day three we closed a sale of over US$ 15 million.”

Motor-1 A huge crowd inspects cars’ specifications at the motor show.

The record-breaking Aspark OWL turned heads with up to seven offers made for the fastest electric car ever made valued at USD 3.2 million. Reporting enthusiasm from serious buyers, Masanori Yoshida, CEO, Aspark, said: “We’ve received a lot of interest at the Dubai International motor Show and we’re delighted to be here. In the first two days, we’ve had seven serious buyers coming from Europe, the USA and the Middle East for the Aspark Owl, the world’s fastest accelerating electric car. The Dubai International motor Show has been fantastic for us, and we’re really pleased with the results it has delivered so far. We’re extremely optimistic about what the region holds in store for us as the Middle East is one of the biggest markets for Aspark.”

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