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VIDEO: This robot is not only witty but can dance too


A video grab shows the robot talking to people at the conference.

Mohammad Abdullah, Staff Reporter

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to conquer the world was once again evident at the Dubai Artificial Intelligence in Sports (DAIS) Conference and Exhibition.

The conference was held in Dubai in which the distinguished speakers from sporting fraternity shared their insights and stressed up on the importance of the technology in sports.

How AI can help improve the performance of an athlete or a team was discussed at the event.

For the physical demonstration of the same and to make people understand the need of AI in the future, a human-size  robot was brought at the venue to entertain the crowd.

Not only did he answer the questions put up by the people but also tapped his feet to tune of famous chartbusters.

He also enchanted the audience with his witty replies. When he was asked by Gulf Today to show his dancing skills, the robot asked to play the music.

He enthralled the visitors with his dancing moves and also gave high-five to the curious spectators.

Taking his intelligence to another level, he ruled out any marriage plans, saying “I don’t want to get married.”

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