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VIDEO: Sheikh Hamdan shares breathtaking slow-motion video of falconry


A video grab shows Sheikh Hamdan training a falcon.

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, published a breathtaking video of falconry in Dubai on his Instagram stories.

The video shows the Crown Prince of Dubai enjoying a bright sunny evening in the desert with falcons. The video starts with a gripping music. The slow motion video also shows Sheikh Hamdan’s love for falconry.

The sport-enthusiastic Crown Prince of Dubai is an avid animal and nature lover. He keeps on sharing details of his whereabouts from around the globe.

A couple of months back, Sheikh Hamdan shared a video of feeding an elephant a watermelon in Dubai.

The elephant video became an instant hit with netizens.

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For 4,000 years, Bedouin in the UAE and wider Arabian Peninsula practiced falconry as an important form of hunting in a resource-scarce land. Its role in society, however, has changed over time, and today it is one of the UAE’s most honoured traditional sports.

Falconry’s revered status derives from the sense of courage, honour and nobility – prized traditional Arab values – that are associated with the sport, as well as its links to nature conservation, respect for animals and the comradery among falconers.

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