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Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital performs key hole heart bypass surgery

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A view of the Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, Dubai.

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An innovative heart surgery was done recently at the Department of Heart Surgery at Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital in Dubai. The patient was discharged following the surgery in 3 days. It was a Minimally Invasive or Key hole heart bypass surgery.

Mr. Korah, a 49-year-old Dubai resident, needed an urgent heart bypass surgery as he had severe coronary artery disease with a heart function of only 25-30% and was on total blood thinning medications.

To greatly reduce and eliminate the risk of this high-risk operation he had his heart by-pass surgery done via the Minimally invasive or key hole Heart Bypass surgery technique at the Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital.

The heart bypass procedure was done via a tiny 2 inch cut on the left side of the chest.  Further, his heart bypass surgery was done on a beating heart and without stopping the heart which has tremendous advantages.

Presently there are only 7 countries in the world who carry out this highly advanced state of the art Key hole heart bypass surgery  on a daily basis and Dubai has joined  this honored list.

Dr. Taha Al Hazarmerdi Director & General Manager of Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital stated that we intend to make the Heart Institute at Dr Sulaiman Al Habib the leading center for Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery in the region and internationally.

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Dr. Nambiar, a Canadian Board Certified Cardiac Surgeon and a past Cardiac Surgeon with the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA and the Consultant Cardiac Surgeon who carried out this procedure had this to say - I am thankful to the ruler of Dubai, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Healthcare City Authorities, Management of Dr. Sulaiman  Al Habib Hospital for the great  support and vision for innovation in the field of  Cardiac Surgery .

 Of great importance was the Associate Cardiac Surgeon (Dr Radwan Husseini), Cardiac Anaesthetist (Dr.Prashant Sagar).

During key hole surgery prime importance of anaesthestist is one lung ventilation, we need to stop one lung in order to facilitate surgery from that side and maintain oxygen and blood pressure during surgery and great skill is required for this. 

Key hole surgery with an efficient team leads to speedy recovery and the ICU Doctors and Nursing staff of the hospital were of great importance to the success of the surgery.

Dr.  Nambiar, has been carrying out Minimally Invasive Invasive Heart Bypass Surgery, Robotic Surgery and Hybrid Coronary artery bypass grafting for multivessel coronary artery disease using only bilateral internal mammary arteries , since 2003 in the US , India , Dubai and  has over 1000 successful Minimally invasive Heart Bypass  surgeries  published in top International  scientific journals and has recently joined the Heart Institute at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, Dubai. 

He also has a technique validated and named after him by the International Society of Minimally invasive Cardiac Surgery ( ISMICS), called The Nambiar Technique of Minimally Invasive CABG" wherein the entire Heart Bypass surgery is done via a tiny incision on the left side of the chest using only internal mammary arteries from inside the chest and which lasts for more than 35 years in patency.

He further added, that the future of heart bypass surgery is in Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery using arterial grafts  because of its tremendous advantages like

1. Small incision and hence less stress on the body.

2. Quick mobility of patient, reduced length of stay and early discharge (3-4 days).

3. Arterial Heart bypass grafting, guaranteeing excellent long-term patency, survival and prognosis.

4. Minimal pain. 

5. Back to total physical activity in two weeks.

6. No usage / minimal usage of blood / blood products.

7. Can be done on a routine, daily basis ,is easily reproducible and is financially viable for both the patient and the hospital.

8. Dr. Nambiar who has also been carrying out Robotic, Hybrid Coronary artery bypass surgeries since 2003 finds the technique of Key hole heart surgery without a Robot practical, financially viable as no added expensive equipment like the robot (US$ 4 million + expensive consumables) are required. Further, no added clinical advantages have been shown between the Key hole technique and Robotic technique however the cost factor is massive in the Robotic technique and most institutes have done away with it as it is not financially viable.

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