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Kashmir imbroglio

Trump, Imran and Modi

Donald Trump, Imran Khan and Narendra Modi

While all media calls the offer of president Trump to act as a mediator for the Kashmir issue as ridiculous, the report also states the ugly side of the ongoing affair of the two countries, India and Pakistan, over Kashmir. President Trump might be a clown but there is some depth in his offer considering that there has been unresolvable strife between the two countries since Independence (“Trump needs Pakistan as much as Pakistan needs Trump,” July 26, Gulf Today).

Only the people of Kashmir would know how their lives are marred and affected by this Kashmir situation. The desire for more Independence, the fear of the brute armed forces who violate the rights of the people, the freedom to practice their beliefs, all this makes life a kind of a living hell.

Should there have been a referendum, like how it had taken place for Scotland who wanted to be separated from the UK, I wonder how the results would be. But I believe that the Kashmiri people would want autonomy, to be their own country, perhaps not having any influence of either India or Pakistan. And why not? It would ensure peace and a peaceful co-existence. It would not hold to ransom the lives of an entire populace.

Farooq S
By email

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