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Drunk woman stabs flatmate to death


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Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter

The Criminal Court in Sharjah on Tuesday confronted an Asian defendant with testimonies of her flatmates who witnessed a murder committed by her. The defendant who was reportedly drunk had stabbed her flatmate to death.

The first witness testified that while living in a 3-bedroom flat, heard a quarrel at about 11pm. Spontaneously, she got out of the room to check the matter. She saw the defendant over the victim on the ground, with a knife, while the victim was bleeding, the witness told the Court.

She continued, “I tried to save the victim from the hands of the accused, but I received stabs by the defendant in my wrist and foot. This had forced me to stay away because of the injury and the fear of the accused, who was drunk. Also, the other flatmates failed to control her, then attended by the workers and controlled.”

The second witness said, “I rushed out of the room to the flat upon hearing the screams. There, I saw the accused holding a knife with both hands, and while attempting to defend the victim, the accused attacked me with a stab in the back and the back of my head and I passed out, so I was unable to see what had happened later.”

The third witness said that the defendant was in an unstable state because of excessive drinking, which made her stab her flatmate, confirming that she had seen the defendant stabbing the victim in the chest and other areas of her body. She was also sustained injuries while attempting to rescue the victim, the witness added. 

However, the accused denied testimonies of the witnesses, indicating that she was unable to remember what happened at the time of the crime, as she was intoxicated.

Consequently, the Court decided to postpone the case to July 9, to hear rest of the witnesses.

Recently, the Criminal Court in Sharjah on Tuesday looked into the case in which a Khaleeji young man was charged with assaulting cops while intoxicated. He also caused damages to their vehicle.

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