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Say yes to bespoke balloon decorations


These installations add to the ambience of any room, outdoor area or venue.

Manjula Ramakrishnan

“Balloons make everyone happy – they bring out the inner child. Balloons have been around even before you were born at baby shower parties! They’re also a part of all milestone events throughout your life such as your first birthday all the way up to your big 90,” says Bahaneh, founder of Happy Bubble, having made a vocation out of balloons.

A civil engineer by profession, Bahaneh’s creative spirit led to the inception of Happy Bubble and a gradual career switch. What started off as a passion project on the side, “ballooned” into a full-time role. Happy Bubble satisfies Bahaneh’s passion for trailblazing by introducing both personalised bubble balloons and balloon installations to the UAE.

Happy Bubble arch

Organic arches, which can be added as part of an entrance or be used for pictures.

How did you come up with the concept?

I have always enjoyed arts and crafts from a young age; I knew that one day I wanted to run my own business, but needed to wait for the right opportunity. I also love balloons, whether it’s giving or receiving them, as a child or as an adult.

I was actually helping organise my own engagement party to celebrate with my family and wanted to incorporate balloons, but after lots of research trying to look for what I wanted, I felt that the UAE market didn’t offer the creativity, personalisation or range of colours that I was looking for. This was in 2015 and this is where the Happy Bubble journey began.

How did this leap into unchartered territory come about?

For me the UAE is my home; I was born and raised here and spent most of my life living, studying and working between Dubai and Sharjah. I spent a few years in Canada where I did my civil engineering degree and then returned in 2010 to practice working for an engineering consultancy which covered the entire Middle East.

I continued my profession for about eight years and worked on some inspiring projects within the region. In 2015 when I came up with the idea of Happy Bubble I was still working full time so I was spending my evenings and weekends researching ideas, testing products, growing my client base and delivering the orders that were already starting to come in.

After one year I was struggling to find the right work-life balance, but my company was very supportive and allowed me to work part time to see if it was a viable full time business. It turned out that it was.

Finally, after nine months of part time work I took the leap to go full time with Happy Bubble and have never looked back. What started as a small hobby had turned into reality and I needed to grow a team quickly.

What is the Art of Happy – the core philosophy of Happy Bubble?

This is about creating unforgettable memories and pushing the boundaries of balloons which are much more versatile than people first imagined. Our balloons and installations create an ambience that adds an instant impact to any room, outdoor area or venue.

Our aim is to capture the theme and mood of each event and amplify the experience. The prime target is to get that Wow factor response from our clients and leave them with a smile on their face.

How have your balloons evolved over time?

If you look at our Instagram page or ask our followers, I think we are now most known for our organic arches, which is a bespoke balloon installation customised to any shape, size and colour.

These arches can be added as part of an entrance, a desert backdrop or any space to be used as a photo opportunity. Recently, we have also started to launch our own backdrops and party décor so we can become a one stop shop for creating amazing event spaces.

What is the special expertise that you bring to the table?

From handpicking raw materials in order to support local artists, I drive the research and creative process. Along with my team I am on a mission to revive the local party scene with a burst of creativity, hence we are in constant innovation mode.

What would you claim as your moments of pride?

We have created branded balloon invitations for the renowned French jewelers Maison Van Cleef & Arpels; organised a massive balloon-drop on a runway for a fashion show by Level Kids in collaboration with the UNICEF; decorated a 25-metre long wall with approximately 9,000 balloons for Al Jalila Foundation. Happy Bubble also provided festive décor for Du, L’Oreal, Charlotte Tilbury, L’Occitane, Cartier, HudaBeauty and ITP Live.

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