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UAE publishing firm celebrates ‘Emirati Titles’ in Kuwait and Algeria


The exhibit featured 6,000 books encompassing a wide array of subjects, including philosophy, science, and literature.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Menassah Distribution Company is intensifying its efforts in Q4 2023 to bolster the UAE’s creative economy and represent Emirati publishers in various cultural events locally and regionally.

In addition to taking part in several international and regional exhibitions in October, Menassah is currently participating in the Kuwait International Book Fair, which was launched on Nov.22 and run until Dec.2. It had already participated in the Algiers International Book Fair and the Al Ain Book Festival that took place until Nov.19.

Through the Menassah platform, which seeks to support Emirati publishers who are members of the Emirates Publishers Association in promoting their publications at international book fairs, Menassah Distribution Company showcased the most recent publications from 103 member publishers at these three exhibitions, spanning 1,050 titles, across 10,200 books. This extensive collection allowed readers and event attendees to delve into diverse genres of Emirati literature and creativity, spanning both original and translated works.

During the 46th edition of the esteemed Kuwait International Book Fair, which held its inaugural edition in November 1975, Menassah showcased 500 titles released by 53 Emirati publishers. The exhibit featured 6,000 books encompassing a wide array of subjects, including philosophy, science, and literature, along with a notable selection of Emirati children's literature. The fair placed particular emphasis on children, offering a comprehensive programme of hands-on and artistic workshops, as well as reading and writing clubs.

Menassah Distribution Company extended the influence of Emirati publishing firms to audiences in Africa through its inaugural participation in the Algiers International Book Fair 2023, which concluded on 4 November. Throughout the fair, the company presented 1,200 books, comprising 150 titles from 20 participating publishers.

As for the Al Ain Book Festival, during its participation from Oct.25 to Nov.19, Menassah celebrated the inspirational works of Emirati and Arab writers, thinkers, and creators. The company also nurtured a love for reading among the younger generations in the Emirates by showcasing 400 titles, amounting to 3,000 books, published by 30 local publishing houses.


Throughout 2023, Menassah intensified its efforts to support Emirati publishing houses and promote publications that showcase the vibrant Emirati cultural landscape and the advanced publishing industry in the UAE to a global audience. This was accomplished through active participation in numerous local, regional, and international book fairs, creating vital connections between Emirati publishers and their counterparts from all corners of the globe. These engagements provided opportunities to stay updated on industry trends, distribute books across regions, take part in local and international cultural events and forums, utilise book sales and distribution platforms, and expand their business horizons.


The company has established itself as a readily accessible gateway for international publishers to enter the Arab publishing market. It places particular significance on its participation in book fairs across the Gulf and the broader Arab region, with the objective of making Emirati publishers' works available to Arab readers and actively promoting a culture of reading among Arab youth.



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