Habtoor Polo beat UAE Polo to emerge winners at Silver Cup 2024 - GulfToday

Habtoor Polo beat UAE Polo to emerge winners at Silver Cup 2024


Members of the Habtoor Polo team celebrate after winning the final against UAE Polo.

Gulf Today, Sports Reporter

The Insignia Cup, the subsidiary match of the Silver Cup 2024, delivered a thrilling clash between the Bangash Polo and Dubai Wolves by CAFU teams.

The initial chukker witnessed both teams adopting a defensive strategy, resulting in minimal scoring. However, as the second chukker unfolded, Benjamin Panelo emerged as a pivotal scorer for Dubai Wolves by CAFU, creating challenges for Bangash Polo to secure points.

The teamwork of Dubai Wolves became increasingly apparent, although Tomas Llorente of Bangash Polo contested fiercely.

In the end, despite the spirited competition, Dubai Wolves emerged victorious.

The Silver Cup final featured an intense showdown between Habtoor Polo and UAE Polo, showcasing exceptional skill from both teams. Habtoor Polo dominated the match from the beginning, consistently scoring while UAE Polo struggled to find the net. Throughout the first chukker and the first half of the game, Habtoor Polo maintained a clear lead.

However, in the closing chukker, UAE Polo staged a comeback, narrowing the score gap and injecting suspense into the match. Despite UAE Polo's efforts, the cohesive teamwork of Habtoor Polo, coupled with standout scorers Juan Jauretche and Facundo Llorente, prevented the rivals from seizing the lead. In the end, Habtoor Polo retained their dominance, securing the title of Silver Cup winner.

Nada T. Rouviere, President of Insignia honored and presented the awards to the teams of the day; Juan Jauretche was the Most Valuable Player, Pocahontas ridden by José Araya as the Best Playing Pony, and Gt Arizona ridden by Lukin Monteverde as the Best Playing Pony for Argentine breed.

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