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Definitely Dubai


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I have been using Dubai International Airport for almost 17 years, and I always feel thrilled to be there. It is improving day by day. It is very lively. I love the way this airport functions. Passing through Dubai International Airport is indeed a wonderful experience. I have returned from India last week and I noticed that while going I could finish my boarding, immigration and security check within 20 minutes. While returning also within 30 minutes of landing of my plane I was out of the airport premises. Going through Dubai Airport is time-saving and hassle-free.

Even Dubai Duty Free is amazing. We can spend a good time surfing through the Duty Free area. Though I have travelled to many international cities, I found Dubai Airport incredible and smooth. Even my children love to fly from this airport. They get to eat their favourite meal at the lounge and they do a little shopping also. Even free WIFI is another major attraction for the kids. They don’t feel bored at all while waiting for their boarding.  No wonder lots of people prefer to fly from Dubai. Flying from Dubai airport is like having a party time. I really appreciate the Dubai authorities for such an amazing service.

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