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Lovely break


Usually, I don't consume my holidays at the onset of the year but for a change this year I thought let me take a whirlwind staycation to get little serenity.

If at all I plan to the first thing I entail is pen down the budget. Since I am programmed without having last-minute chaos and confusion, I always keep myself overhauled. I could have been adrift in some dystopia but I have arrived.

Whether it's a few days or a week it does make a big difference and I am someone who loves to save my energy, focusing on my mind and state through various forms of physical activity.

Whilst some enjoy the days with roaring pandemonium there are many who just love to be by themselves laying back and rejuvenating themselves.

One of the best times for me as I did a lot of reading, story write-ups, cleaning, and swabbing my wardrobe, and compiling my own personal blog which is yet to be published to the world who are aching to see me.

This is the time I should be back in my God's own country with my loved ones and usually, when it comes to holidays, we generally think of a wonderland surrounded by blue waters with dolphins as receptionists and the land covered with lush greenery or someplace that is famous. I did a lot of my daily yoga, and meditation slept well, completed some write-ups for the media, and visited some of my long-time buddies without a curfew that I had to wake up early morning and at times lazing around when nothing to do.

How can I also skip to add that I loved the heavy rains in the UAE and now back to the sunny days I am all decked up for another semester of work? It's time to sing are you sleeping brother "Litty" morning bells are ringing ding ding dong. Holidays or vacations are words that bring joy to everyone but they can mean a different sight to various people.

For the time being, I bid adios to my first candied short holidays. It's back to work now.

Mathew Litty,



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