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Let’s share what we have

Shaadaab S. Bakht


Shaadaab S. Bakht, who worked for famous Indian dailies The Telegraph, The Pioneer, The Sentinel and wrote political commentaries for Tehelka.com, is Gulf Today’s Executive Editor.


Jeff Bezos with his friend Lauren Sanchez.

The rage took off in the angry eyes of the man, sped through his face in scary doses, to land on his lips. A torrent of embarrassing expletives followed and he was about to punch his target, when the latter burst out, “I was about to run away with your bag because I needed money. I don’t have a job. I was desperate.

You want to call the police? Please go ahead. I was wrong, therefore, I must be punished. Agreed, every poor and needy person isn’t into theft, but I don’t have that kind of balance. I ran out of patience.” Anyway, the guy was spared and the situation was brought under control, thanks to the intervention by some considerate passersby and sympathetic bystanders. That was a scene from my album of experiences. It was from the Indian capital, Delhi, where I lived, worked and I still love going.

It explains how barren bank accounts force people to adopt the detestable path of wrongdoers to tackle their needs.

The trigger for this discussion is one of the articles I read recently about relentless deprivation leading to crimes. It explains how barren bank accounts force people to adopt the detestable path of wrongdoers to tackle their needs. Some take the path after having been critical of it for years, which is very unfortunate. People become helpless when desperation plays the skipper.  

But I strongly feel that what appears detestable is in reality a prayer for redemption. What we think is immoral is actually an answer to empty dishes and abandoned ovens. Therefore, I agree with the priest in a Western country, who defended shoplifting by the homeless.

The above article, like thousands written earlier, explains the malady, but what we need is an answer.

Well, the answer is within us, Jeff Bezos proved it. Amazon founder Bezos has decided to give away the majority of his $124 billion net worth during his lifetime, he told CNN in an exclusive interview. True, a handful of people have his kind of wealth. But all of us could have his attitude. To the needy every dirham counts, which most of us can spare.

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