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On-set drama


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Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

The set of a movie or television show is a lively, interesting place to be going by all the stories that come out when shooting is happening. This week we take a look at some of the biggest mishaps to happen on-set.

During an action scene in the supernatural teen drama show “The Vampire Diaries,” things got a little rough between Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley. Wesley, who played the vampire Stefan Salvatore ended up bending his thumb so badly that he was unable to shoot for a week.     

In director Martine Scorsese’s film “Goodfellas,” actor Michael Imperioli caused a huge fuss when he cut his hand on a glass and ended up in hospital. Not having time to remove the movie makeup, doctors rushed to treat Imperioli’s fake bullet wounds which they thought were real.

Tom Cruise is known as the guy who likes to do his own stunts. This is not always the best idea, at least not on this occasion. While filming the sixth “Mission Impossible” Cruise jumps from one rooftop to another and his foot slams into a wall breaking his ankle. The crazy thing was that he kept on filming the scene and can be seen hobbling away.

Sometimes mistakes can really be effective for a particular scene. While shooting a scene for “Lord of the Rings” where Viggo Mortensen thinks that two hobbits are dead, he kicks his helmet and lets out a very realistic sounding wail. In reality he broke two toes while kicking the helmet and the scream was in response to that.

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