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Onscreen fails

Sarah Taryam


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Millie Bobby Brown

We all have our favourite television shows that we binge watch or wait patiently for a new episode to come out each week. However, our favourite shows can frustrate us sometimes with an episode or two that don’t quite live up to the standards we expect from those series. This week we take a look at some of the most disappointing episodes from some of the biggest TV shows out there. There are spoilers ahead so be aware of that.

I don’t know anyone who is not watching “Stranger Things” right now. The show is a massive hit with younger and older audiences alike. There was one episode which did not leave a good impression on fans. It was back in season two; episode seven to be exact. The episode breaks away from all the action that is happening as Eleven, played by the fabulous Millie Bobby Brown, leaves home and joins a group of emo odd balls. The episode did not seem to make much sense in the context of the whole season. Luckily that was just an episode, and the show has continued to be a huge success.

Something I really dislike in any show is when they do an episode which consists of past clips from previous episodes. It is annoying, and most audiences dislike it too. It happened in “Friends” at a crucial point in Ross and Rachel’s relationship. A bunch of flashback reels were used to cover the famous onscreen couple’s romantic pairing, but it just didn’t do them justice. It could have been so much better.

No show is going to get every episode exactly right and there will always be a disappointed fan or two. Read on to find out if any episodes from your best shows made our list.

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