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People enjoy an evening in Dubai.

People enjoy an evening in Dubai.

The population growth of the Emirate of Dubai has increased 165 times in the span of 70 years (“Dubai population expected to reach 5.8 million in 2040,” Aug 1, Gulf Today website).

Dubai’s population in 1950 was 20,000, which then doubled to 40,000 in 1960. In 1970 it reached 73,000 and in 1980 the number reached 254,000. In the later years to come in 1990, the population of the emirate was 473,000 while at the beginning of the new century it had reached 907,000. By 2010 it reached 1.8 million and gradually throughout the years at a much rapid pace than expected, it had reached 3.3 million by 2020.

From my standpoint, the rise in the exponential growth can be credited to the opportunities the emirate provides. I have witnessed the multicultural environment along with numerous business and career opportunities and the rich history the city possesses, which is what attracted my family to move here.

It is home to a range of world-class luxuries, enhancing a person’s lifestyle by the day, as it is much quicker than other fast progressing economies. It is an honour and a pleasure to have been brought up in such a welcoming city that I call home.

Fatima Lakha,

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