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Party time


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It’s another time of the year when the massive throng runs into various stores, hypermarket pushing their trolleys, and busy strollers with no space to move all to do their last-minute errands before heading out of UAE for the long holidays.

It’s Dubai Summer surprise time too so when there are an offer people will barge in as if they have never shopped in their life.  

Although I am an Indian ex-pat raised in UAE all my life, I blend a lot with mostly Europeans let it be of any age or any gender so having asked some of the naughty teens who hail from the US and UK about their plans for the holidays they were revelry time already hinting me. “it’s fun time,” “party time mate.”

Ticketing counters and travel agencies are the busiest during the next two months as families are seen making their last-minute reservations and packing their bags to head back for a petite respite.

This makes me reminisce about my school days on the last day and how keen I was to head home, stuff my books into my locker for some time and get ready for the long summer holidays with a big “BANG”. Alas!  

There was a time I used to sit and watch some English movies, heading out to the music store from time to time filling my showcase up with many series of video movies, and even snooping to 90s music when my dad and mum used to at work.

In fact, there are many ways at home to make you busy such as learning the nitty-gritty of cooking, creating a better space for your siesta in order to create a better living environment, reading and writing.

Domiciled in the hustle and bustle there are a plethora of artistic children out here who love to do something unique so let the parents encourage them to showcase their hidden talents and be heard.

Use the summer holidays to the fullest and if you don’t utilise them then you might have to wait for another year which might be too late. Don’t skip your little homework, case studies, or schemes. So, get masti and Happy Holidays.

Mathew Litty, — Dubai

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