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Sad ending


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One of the most popular franchises of the IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), lost their 14th match against Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) on Wednesday evening in a thrilling chase. With this loss, KKR finally frittered away their chances of staying relevant in the tournament. Now, they will have to wait for a year to show their mettle. Though the KKR fans had huge hope from the newly-appointed young skipper Shreya Iyer, he also failed to create magic.

The team looked very unpredictable from the beginning of the tournament. They had to change their playing 11 a number of times and that has damaged their performance. I don’t know why such a huge franchise looks so confusing. IPL is a game of cricket and players should have the upper hand. They should never look at it from the perspective of business.

This is not the job of a businessman to manage a team.  Look at the Gujarat Titans, they have been doing so well. Despite having an underdog image, they grew stronger and stronger with each passing game. I hope KKR management realise their mistake and come stronger next year.

Shahzaman Hussain — By email

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