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Terrible endings

Sarah Taryam


Writer, show Jumper, nature lover, fitness enthusiast and the Arts Editor of Gulf Today


Sophie Turner

Watching a television series is a very different experience to watching a movie. With a television series we invest more time, more emotions and in turn we have more expectations. We are therefore disappointed when endings fail to live up to those expectations. This week we take a look at some of the worst endings in TV history.

I do not think there is a single person who praised the “Game of Thrones” ending. Talk about a major disappointment. What were they thinking? “Game of Thrones” is no doubt one of the best TV shows to have ever been made, but for them to end it like that, I just cannot understand. Fans felt a sense of betrayal in the lack of thought to how it ended. Bran Stark on the Iron Throne? No, just no.

I was a big “Gossip Girl” fan. It really was a brilliant show that can be rewatched again and again. But to discover, after six dramatic seasons, that the annoying Dan was actually the blogger was more than a letdown. Could the writers not think of anyone else? Dan was played by Penn Badgley, the star of the currently running TV show “You.”

“Breaking Bad” was a great show with a really bad ending. I remember it being so bad that I did not even finish watching the last episode. That show deserved a spectacular ending, it deserved to end with a bang. It would be good if some of these endings could be rewritten and filmed again for the fans.

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