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Great news


The Global Village continues to be a huge crowd-puller.

Extending the Global Village extravaganza till the first week of May, 2022 is a good decision indeed (‘Global Village extends season 26 activities till May 7,” March 16, Gulf Today website).

It’s a welcome move by the Global Village authority that announced the extension of the super hit annual extravaganza. The Global Village is one of the best family entertaining destinations in the world. It is a delightful family destination for culture, shopping and entertainment in the region.

Season 26 will give visitors the chance to spend Ramadan and Eid at the village.

Global Village has 26 pavilions which represent over 80 cultures. The Dubai Global Village season is equally popular around the world as it is the much-awaited festive season in the United Arab Emirates. People around the world especially travel to Dubai with their families to spend the quality time of their lives.

Afaq Zaidi,
By email

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