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Dubai has been ranked among the best luxury and healthiest cities in the world, according to a recent report issued by the British health website Linstor. Dubai is indeed a healthiest cities. Everybody is very conscious here. People here do take part in lots of physical activities (“Dubai is second in the world in terms of healthy lifestyle,” Feb. 2, 2022, Gulf Today online edition).

Lots of even young residents can be seen running to gyms or swimming pool. Even almost everyone in the city keep bicycle at home for a ride. If you happen to pass by parks, you will be surprised to see lots of resident doing exercise.  

We should not forget that Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum himself supports healthy lifestyle. He keeps us inspiring. Sheikh Hamdan always inspires to take part in Dubai Fitness Challenge and can be seen sharing wonderful videos to inspires us.

Dubai Fitness Challenge was initiated by Sheikh Hamdan in 2017. So many people have embraced healthy lifestyle after watching Sheikh Hamdan. He leads by example and that makes him an inspiring leader.

Rida Kausar,
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