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I am new to the UAE. I have recently arrived here from New Delhi, India. I had only heard about Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi from my friends in the past or had seen during the cricket matches. My friends had always encouraged me to come here to see the places. Now when I am finally here,  I am amazed to see cleanliness, transport system, shopping malls, facilities at the airport and driving manners. Everyday I go out in the morning and I see municipality guys working sincerely to keep the city clean. People on the roads drive so sincerely. I have not heard of honking on the road in my few days of stay.

School buses ply on the road without disturbing other motorists. Even I visited Dubai Expo, Sharjah International Book Fair and Dubai Cricket Stadium, I was pleasantly surprised to see things in complete order. Everybody follow rules here wherever they go. I found people have huge respect for each other here and that is what makes the UAE a beautiful place. I must congratulate leaders of the UAE for making the country such a fantastic place to live in.

Dhananjay Srivastava
By email

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