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The disappearing act

Sarah Taryam


Writer, show Jumper, nature lover, fitness enthusiast and the Arts Editor of Gulf Today



After a year of COVID-19 causing havoc and sadness all over the world, celebrity news can provide a little break from the mundane. This week we are taking a look at some of the celebrities who have disappeared from the public eye leaving their fans wondering what to do.

Rihanna hasn’t released an album in a while. If you go to her Instagram, you will see that the singer has been very busy promoting her other interests. She is currently focused on her beauty line which is doing very well. It raises the question; does she even need to sing? Other singers have managed to release albums during the pandemic so I am guessing she could record and release if she truly wanted to.

While there is still hope for Rihanna to come back on the music scene, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar will not be making an appearance on screen anymore. She is more focused on raising her children than memorising lines these days. We can safely say that this celebrity has checked out and the fansites that were supporting her have gone quiet.

Much to the dismay of tweens everywhere, another actor who has vanished from the big screen is Taylor Lautner. He is still active on Instagram with 6.3 million followers, but what he posts are mostly pictures of him living his daily life. There is not even a hint of a new acting project.

In other news this week, turn to our Sound Mind page to read about how important it is to have funny moments in your life. Remember the lawyer who went viral after he got stuck with a cat filter during his online meeting? We are talking about moments like that. Let us know what those funny moments are for you.

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