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A music break


Tate McRae

Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

While coronavirus is still ruling the world, we are going to pretend it does not exist for this edit and instead take a look at all the fabulous new musicians making great music. These artists are refreshing and talented with different sounds on their tracks for 2021.

Talk about refreshing, 21-year-old Irish artist Amy Montgomery has been working hard to establish herself as one of the most exciting new rock singers in years. Compared to Alanis Morisette, her most recent single is about her mother who sadly took her own life when Amy was just 16. Even though the subject matter is heartbreaking, Amy has that 90s rock sound and the theme of the song is about how our loved ones always stay with us.

Hope Tala turned down a masters degree offer from Cambridge to pursue a music career, and it has paid off. Her self-confidence is heard throughout her tunes with her relaxing and pleasant tones. On the same note, BERWYN the singer, rapper and producer has similar sounds as he performs over starks piano notes. He has been on all the music watch lists so expect great things from the Romford-raised, Trinidad-born singer.

Scottish rock band The Snuts haven’t had it easy but still managed to make the UK album charts at No 15 with their debut EP in 2020. With their determination to make an impact in the new year, The Snuts have a blues and jazzy sound to their music that reminds us of Jack White and we are sure they will be filling stadiums as soon as they can.

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