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‘World’s coolest winter’ warms people’s hearts

Coolest Winter

Dubai is pulling out all stops to encourage and develop the non-oil sectors, particularly tourism.

If there is one thing that emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, it is this: that the UAE can be tough as nails when it comes to weathering challenges. And Dubai is no exception. The commercial, entertainment and lifestyle hub is pulling out all stops to encourage and develop the non-oil sectors, particularly tourism.

Earlier this year, Dubai, whose economy is reliant on tourism and retail, said it will allow foreign visitors to enter from July 7.

With the coronavirus still striking nations, this city has amped up efforts to coax tourists to frequent its beaches and wonderful shopping malls. By instilling the idea that Dubai is safe, authorities are likely to hope to fuel interest in the emirate. Despite all the challenges faced by the global Covid-19 pandemic, Dubai’s ability to maintain a pipeline of business events over the coming years is a continued testament to both the response of the city’s leadership to tackle the situation and the resilience of stakeholders. With international meetings already taking place again in Dubai, the city is primed to lead the business event sector’s resurgence. It plays a vital role in driving economic growth and providing a platform for networking, professional development and knowledge sharing.

Against this backdrop, the move by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to approve the new UAE Strategy for Domestic Tourism is very praiseworthy. The strategy aims to develop a comprehensive scheme to regulate the local tourism sector in a solid collaboration among the relevant local and federal entities.

He revealed a new unified tourism identity, as part of the UAE Nation Brand, to establish the country’s status as an ideal tourist destination locally and globally, and to share its inspiring story with the world. Under the strategy, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed launched the first federal domestic tourism campaign titled “World’s Coolest Winter” to invite the public to explore the hidden gems of the seven emirates. The 45-day campaign aims to highlight the major landmarks and attractions that distinguish every emirate and contribute to the UAE as a single destination.

Yes, winter is extremely pleasant here. Unlike other nations, the winds are not very cold or harsh, stinging the skin terribly. In fact, it is a delight to hit the outdoors be it the beach, shopping mall or even a mountain camping.

As Sheikh Mohammed said, “The UAE hosts an exceptional winter and offers the best services that tourists can utilise inside and outside the country.

“Winter brings great moments and experiences. Like everything else in the UAE, we aim to make every winter the best in the world.”

Through plans and policies, the Strategy will promote the unique tourist experience that every part of the UAE offers, highlighting major historical, natural and heritage sites, festivals and activities of each emirate that contribute to making the UAE an ideal tourist destination.

The Strategy will be implemented through a number of measures that include driving investment in local tourism projects and launching a website on domestic tourism in the UAE, among other things.

The UAE’s domestic tourism sector contributed Dhs41.2 billion ($11.2 billion) to the national economy in 2019.

The ‘World’s Coolest Winter’ campaign aims to harness the ideally pleasant climate of the year to promote the UAE’s diverse cultural, entertainment, social and sports activities that cater for different needs and ages.

As part of efforts to promote an active lifestyle, the campaign will also highlight different outdoor sporting events and festivals such as watersports, hiking, jogging, cycling, mountain biking, camping, desert safaris and beach picnics.

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