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The gentle aspect


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Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

At a time when some children are distance learning from home, it is good for parents to not only know how to manage their school work; but their emotional and mental well-being too. This week we bring you some expert tips on how to manage children who are virtually in the classroom from the living room.

First off all, a parent’s well-being matters. We all know you can’t pour from an empty cup. Therefore, if you are drained then you are not going to be able to help you children with much. Get yourself right first, learn how to manage your own emotional state. A tip from the experts is not to hesitate to ask teachers or educational professionals for help. Your children’s teachers are still there for them, even though it is through a screen.

For younger children, it is a good idea to use play as therapy. It is a way to teach them how to recognise and communicate their emotions and then know how to deal with them. This is all through play therapy like drawing and being creative.

Watch out for mood changes in children younger or older. If they start to become disruptive or have physical complaints like headaches or stomach aches, make sure that everything is okay with them. It could be a sign that the child is struggling to cope.

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