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Fall television on point

Sarah Taryam


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Lily Collins. File

With the summer television season practically over and coronavirus still lurking over all our heads, one would have thought that the fall TV season line up would be somewhat quiet and disappointing. Guess again. This week we bring you the best shows you should be watching right now.

With limited production schedules and quarantine in place, Hollywood has still managed to produce an interesting line-up of TV shows for the fall. “Emily in Paris” stars the lovely Lily Collins as a young woman who moves to Paris for a new job. The 10-episode series was shot on location throughout France. Collins is also a producer on the show.

Hugh Laurie is one of those actors who makes me laugh, not because he is a comedian but because the faces he makes while acting are comical. He just always looks unbothered. He has been cast (as far as we know since the show isn’t out yet) as a conservative British politician who comes under public scrutiny and does not care. The show is called “Roadkill” and I can’t wait for it to be released.

“The Crown” fans will be delighted to know that the show will be back for a fourth season in November. Going by the teaser trailer they released, the show seems to go straight to the years of Diana and Charles. Audiences like to see the lesser known aspects of the Royal family and creator Peter Morgan knows how to deliver.

In other news this week, F1 fans turn to our Sport page to read all about the Italian Grand Prix which was won by AlphTauri driver Pierre Gasly. It was a first win for the young driver which makes it extra special for the Frenchman who cried tears of happiness as he went over the finish line.

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