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Real life heroes

Sarah Taryam


Writer, show Jumper, nature lover, fitness enthusiast and the Arts Editor of Gulf Today


As the world has struggled with COVID-19, we are extremely blessed to live in the UAE where the coronavirus has been handled so well. This week we are speaking to the heroes in the hospitals who have dedicated their all to saving patients infected with this deadly virus.

Senior Charge Nurse Aurora Acio Aguinaldo, who has worked for 40 years in the UAE, was first tasked with organising a COVID-19 area with a 23-bed capacity all in the space of two days. She describes the range of emotions her team would go through as they wore their PPE (personal protective equipment). Aurora is proud she honoured the oath she took when she first became a nurse.

Husband and wife team Lakshmi Subin and Subin Blalkrishnan are both ICU nurses in both government and private hospitals who have been dealing with coronavirus patients for months now. They explain how their initial fears were for their children at home, not themselves. They speak about how they supported patients both emotionally and mentally. This must have taken a toll on the couple who never wavered as their vast experience as nurses kept them moving forward.

It is truly amazing to read these first-hand accounts from these incredible people. Without regard they put their jobs and their patients first and helped them through this horrible virus. A big thank you goes out to all the nurses and doctors who are still doing their jobs and keeping us safe and well.

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