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Brilliant pop star, terrible actor


Beyonce Knowles performs during Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival Weekend 1. File/ AFP

Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

There are some multi-talented entertainers who switch seamlessly between the world of music and the world of movies. On the other hand, the majority of singers do not seem to be able to successfully navigate from one to the other. This week we take a look at why it is so rare to find artists who are able to act as well as they sing.

Beyoncé is a prime example. She is one of the world’s best female singers and her live performances on stage are fierce and passionate to say the least. Yet put her on a movie set and she just can’t deliver in the same way. She has done a few movies over the years and I have yet to watch one where her acting skills are believable. Some people thought she was alright in “Dreamgirls,” but alright is far from excellent.

The queen of pop Madonna creates some of the most elaborate music videos and stage performances going, but she is another one who does not do well on a film set. She’s been described as being “stiff as a board” to watch and it’s downright cringey. She should definitely stick to her music performances.

Another legend of the female singers, Mariah Carrey, was awful in 2001’s “Glitter” where she played an aspiring singer trying to make it big. However, she played a downbeat social worker in “Precious” (2009) where she was not panned by critics but instead praised. So sometimes it’s not about the actual singer but more about the role they have been cast in.

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