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Holy month


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The fasting time doesn’t make any difference to a Muslim who observes the fasting month in its true spirit (“This city has 22 hours of fasting time, the longest in the world,” May 2, Gulf Today).

There is no doubt that around the world there are different time durations in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Muslims in some parts of the world will fast more than 20 hours from dawn to dusk.

Muslims fast for about 22 hours in Reykjavik, and this is the world’s longest fasting time during Ramadan.

For example, in the Icelandic capital, there will be 21 hours of daylight. In the city, the nighttime’s length is 90 minutes only, as the sun sets at 12:02am while dawn (Fajar Azan) is at 1:30am.

I am sure the people who are living in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, must be feeling more fortunate as a Muslim to fast around 21 hours in a day and would love to observe the whole Holy Month of Ramadan in its true spirit.

The Holy Month of Ramadan teaches us to be kind to other humans, help needy persons, and offer prayers all five times every day.

It is a month when Muslims do charity without any calculation. Muslims just want to give away everything they have to help other people in need in the name of God Almighty.

It is a fact that in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, the fasting time in a day spans around 22 hours, but I personally believe that people who wait for the Holy Month of Ramadan to come the whole year, the 22 hours’ fasting in a day will not make any difference.

I would like to wish every Muslim around the world a happy month of Ramadan.

May Allah give all of us the prosperity and success, May Allah bless all of us with cheer and happiness and give us a healthy life.

Yaseen Pathan — By email

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