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Managing from home


Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

It is a difficult time for everyone at the moment with the coronavirus spreading around the world. Most of us are working from home and trying to balance life in a new way. This week we bring you some tips on how to keep order and harmony in your house while we are all staying indoors.

First things first, it should be all hands-on deck. This means that everyone in the house who is capabale of helping with chores and cooking should help. When it comes to space, don’t be afraid to rearrange furniture to make moving around the home a little easier. Sprucing up the living room can really uplift your mood. It could be something as simple as taking away or adding cushions.

While our routines have been so disrupted with the virus, we need to recreate a routine for being at home. This should include work time, preferably in the morning, as well as a home workout for exercise. There are so many videos and apps to use when it comes to working out at home so don’t be stressed about not having access to a gym.

This is a great time to have a good clear out of things in the house that you don’t need anymore. Another tip is to label items in your kitchen, this will make cooking and kitchen life much easier. Also remember we need to be disinfecting everything at the moment so make sure to wipe down surfaces and handles as well as washing hands constantly.

In more coronavirus related news, check out our Home piece where hairdressers and salon owners Tracy and Ali give expert tips on how to care for your hair at home. Whatever you do, do not reach for that home kit for your roots!

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