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A hearty salute to UAE’s bravehearts


The UAE armed forces have turned out to be a great stabilisation factor in the region.

It’s the historic and fraternal relationship between the two countries that prompted the UAE to pursue its efforts to restore security and stability in Yemen.

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition’s sole intent has been to spread justice and uphold the legitimacy in Yemen. The UAE has been constantly engaged in providing humanitarian relief assistance and supporting the Yemeni people so as to ease the dire humanitarian conditions prevailing there.

With the UAE soldiers returning home, the entire nation stands proud. The tremendous efforts and sacrifices made by the UAE bravehearts will never ever be forgotten. The heroes of the armed forces not only worked hard to establish the foundations of justice, but also took stupendous efforts to serve in the field of humanitarian work and reconstruction.

As His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, pointed out: “Our valiant armed forces will always remain the protective shield of our state, and the firm guarantee of its pride among nations, and the force that does not hesitate to stand with all force alongside everyone who is righteous in the face of injustice and aggression. Our brave soldiers who participated in the ‘’Operation Restoring Hope’’ in Yemen made the ultimate sacrifices alongside their brothers in the Arab Coalition Forces and assured the world that the UAE’s contribution will always ensure the security and stability of the region.”

The nation is proud of the loyal sons of the UAE who have proven their heroism, courage and determination in carrying out their national and humanitarian duties in Yemen.

In Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s words: “The people of the homeland, as we have pledged to them, expressed the authentic nature of the Emirati people and the entrenched values cultivated by the first founders of this land, to stand alongside the right and justice, support the oppressed, and extend a helping hand to all in need of assistance. The UAE will continue to cultivate goodness, open the doors of hope, and provide aid, humanitarian and development assistance throughout Yemen.”

The UAE has become a global model for promoting peace and stability through its humanitarian role in Yemen.

The value of assistance provided by the UAE to Yemen from April 2015 through February 2020 amounted to over Dhs22 billion, according to the Emirates Red Crescent’s latest figures.

The assistance included rehabilitating schools and hospitals, securing energy, rebuilding airports and ports, expansion of roads and building housing units, along with other projects aimed at ensuring livelihood for multiple segments of the Yemeni people, including widows, orphans and people of determination.

Since April 2015 to date, the UAE has been maintaining positive channels of cooperation with key international and humanitarian organisations worldwide, to ensure concerted action towards all sectors and governorates of Yemen.

Featuring high in the UAE aid progamme is a financial assistance of Dhs10.83 billion to support public service programmes of essential importance to broad segments of Yemeni society, especially in the areas of health and education.

The heroes of the UAE armed forces deserve a hearty salute for their courage and sacrifices to establish the foundations of justice.

The memory of the great martyrs who sacrificed their lives for truth, peace and justice will remain immortal in the conscience of the nation.

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