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The forgotten ones


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

With a spate of popular television shows airing their final seasons, one would have thought that the recently announced Golden Globe Award nominations would have shown them more love. This was not the case however. This week we look at some of the best TV shows which have been overlooked by the Globes despite running for a respectful length of time and having huge legions of fans.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended in April this year after airing for four seasons. The musical comedy-drama starred Rachel Bloom, Gabrielle Ruiz and other famous names. The show was previously nominated for two awards, with Bloom even winning in 2016 for best actress in a musical or comedy. With so much critical acclaim and four seasons to add, it is surprising that the final seasons received no nominations.

Game of Thrones received a total of eight nominations over eight seasons, with Peter Dinklage winning best supporting actor back in 2012.  The final season has only received one nomination with Kit Harrington up for best actor in a TV drama. I don’t think it is that surprising to be honest. The last season was a big disappointment and especially the last episode.

The Affair was a brilliant drama series which ran for five seasons, was nominated for four Globes and won three. The show starred Ruth Wilson, Dominic West, Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson and told the story of a couple who had extra marital affair and then had to deal with the repercussions of that. Again, the final season was disappointing so it’s no surprise that there were no Globe nominations.

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