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Keep your beauty accessories to yourself


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Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

How many of us don’t even think twice before reaching for a friend’s hairbrush or using a family member’s towel? Most of us probably don’t even give these actions a second thought, but we should. This week we are taking a look at the dos and don’ts of sharing beauty products and how it can impact our health.

When it comes to beauty accessories, hairbrushes are probably the most commonly shared item. While many believe this is harmless, experts say we should think of it almost like sharing a toothbrush. Bacterial infections can be spread this way. Make sure to keep your hairbrushes clean by washing them with hot water and a mild detergent every so often.  

Face creams are another product we really should not be sharing, especially if they come in a jar or a pot. You do not want someone putting their unwashed fingers into your jar of expensive face cream. Beauty experts even suggest not putting your own fingers into your face cream and instead using a spatula.

When it comes to make-up products, again, keep them to yourself. Eye infections are very contagious and can easily be caught by sharing eye make-up. Lip products as well should not be passed around as you can be at risk of catching Herpes simplex, known as cold sores.

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