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Visionary leadership


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The UAE continues to soar high globally be it in economic competitiveness, innovative technologies, digital superiority, space research and even on parameters pertaining to future readiness (“UAE shines in World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2019,” Sept.27, Gulf Today).

The recent news that the United Arab Emirates is ranked first in the Arab region and 12th globally among highly competitive countries in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2019 should encourage the industry to innovate even further.

Innovation is the cornerstone of social development and the visionary directions given by the UAE leadership has seen the country grow in leaps and bounds technologically. By encouraging new ideas and instilling the spirit of creativity in the community the government has transformed the nation into a primary destination for talent.

Another important highlight of UAE’s success is that after the UAE is also ranked first in the Middle East in the transition to Internet Protocol Version 6. Reports state that it was achieved in less than two years after it has been launched in the country and the transition is likely to play a stellar role in the implementation of 5G mobile technologies.

Thanks to the visionary leadership, the state-of-art technology is now open to us all.

Manisha Shah
By email

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