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Noteworthy initiative

Noteworthy initiative

DEWA's initiative aimed at inculcating the culture of responsible use of resources among society is a step in the right direction.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s initiative aimed at inculcating the culture of responsible use of resources among society, especially students, is a step in the right direction. By encouraging the young to preserve natural resources and help them be active participant in saving electricity and water, the UAE is making sure that the future generation does not take nature for granted (“Dewa teaches 5,000 students value of saving power, water,” Sept.19, Gulf Today).

UAE is engaged in multiple activities aimed at reducing its carbon footprint, and an initiative like this aimed at school children is an indication of its commitment to nature. It was very heartening to note that the current initiative which targeted 5,000 students included kindergarten and the first grade pupils. That is exemplary in many ways. If values like these are taught at a very tender age, we will have a generation growing with a healthy perspective on the environment in the coming years. And that is so encouraging.

We need more voices like Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who has inspired a global movement for climate change, to stir the consciousness of the people and our leaders in taking measures for protecting the environment.  Informative campaigns like these go a long way in promoting those values in children beginning from the home to the school and beyond. It is a silent revolution. As they grow they will be Thunbergs who will make a difference, silently but effectively.

I agree with the Dewa executive who said that the initiative is an ideal opportunity for students to learn best practices to reduce electricity and water consumption and conserve natural resources for future generations to come. All success to Dewa and the promoters of the drive.

Sayed Hussain
By email

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